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A World Disease

by Linda (Rippee) Privatte

There is a very serious disease that affects humanity. It can affect all of us as a society. No one is to blame. No one deserves it. No one is immune. We can try to hide from it, but it is insidious. There is no cure, treatments are experimental and hard to find. We need more beds. We need more hospitals and facilities. We need more Doctors and Nurses. We need more professionals in the field. We need more funding and research. We need to take care of our vulnerable. We need to educate to protect all.

You may think I’m talking about the Covid 19 virus, and if I was all this would still be true. But I am speaking about “Brain Disease.” All the family members and advocates of the Seriously Mentally Ill know these battles well and have for decades. When this new battle in the world is won, I hope new compassion and empathy will emerge towards our SMI loved ones.

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